Wisdom of Anxiety, The

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Sheryl Paul

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Leslie Howard




8h 19m 05s

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Work anxiety. Relationship anxiety. Social anxiety. World anxiety. Money anxiety. Health anxiety.How does reading those words make you feel?All too often, when we experience the things that give us anxiety, our first instinct is to try to run away or numb out from feeling them. But what if the unpleasant feelings you want to turn away from are actually vital sources of information about your well-being?In The Wisdom of Anxiety, counselor Sheryl Paul examines the deeper meaning of the racing thoughts, sweaty palms, and insomnia that accompany the uncertain moments of our lives. No one likes to feel anxiety — and yet, Paul asserts it can be a remarkably direct messenger of our subconscious. Here you will learn how you can pause and listen to your anxieties to discover inner truths that you've been avoiding.This lyrically written audiobook not only considers the many forms anxieties can take, but also provides deep-dive practices for addressing them at their roots.Whether it's worry around raising children, nervousness about world events, or any other way anxiety manifests, The Wisdom of Anxiety can help you uncover the true source of your discomfort and find the rich self-knowledge within.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 8h 19m 05s

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