Wild Orphans

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Escrito por

Stella Kinsella

Narrado por

Dave Stokes Stella Kinsella




5h 50m 51s

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Gabby has been living with her brother, Raphi, in their grandmother's wildlife sanctuary at the edge of the bush. While Raphi has thrown himself into life at the sanctuary ever since their parents went missing and their grandmother became their reluctant caregiver, Gabby longs to return to the city. Somehow they all must find a way to get along while caring for injured animals. Amid a daily routine of feeding, nursing, and releasing a menagerie of wild creatures, the siblings must attend a new school. To make matters worse, local authorities are determined to shut down the sanctuary. After Gabby secretly befriends a foster kid on the run, everything becomes more complicated when a bush fire threatens the sanctuary and her new friend. Now Gabby needs to decide whether to reveal her friend's whereabouts or risk losing her forever. In this novel for young readers, two orphaned siblings living on a sanctuary outside the Australian bush must find their way in a complicated world full of challenges.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 5h 50m 51s

Publicado por Author's Republic