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The healing characteristics of plants and herbs have not altered over the centuries. Five thousand years ago, what was a healing plant or herb is still a healing plant or herb. Because they put excellent trust in them, the ancient world's witches and physicists were supposed to understand their herbs. Plants gave those who studied them the healing powers, worked with them, and respected them. Traditional healers spent a good part of their lives in the field collecting green medicines in many lands and many times. They remembered what they learned to pass it on and wrote it down.In this book, WICCA HERBAL MAGIC, you will have a solid understanding of how to create and practice Wiccan Herbal Magic after reading this book.•General Introduction to Wicca•Becoming a Wiccan•What Herbalism is•Getting started with Herbal Magic•Step-by-Step guide to Wicca herbal magic•The Basics of Herbal Magic•Essential Magical Oils•Essential Magical Herbs and Spices•Harvesting, Drying and Storing of Magical Herbs•Common Incenses and Usage•And many more!

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