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And just like that, everything changed . . . A global pandemic. Panic. Social distancing. Working from home.In a heartbeat, we went from happy hours to virtual happy hours. From conferences to virtual conferences. From selling to virtual selling.To remain competitive, sales and business professionals were required to shift the way they engaged prospects and customers.Overnight, virtual selling became the new normal. Now, it is here to stay.Virtual selling can be challenging. It's more difficult to make human to human connections. It's natural to feel intimidated by technology and digital tools. Few of us haven't felt the wave of insecurity the instant a video camera is pointed in our direction. Yet, virtual selling is powerful because it allows you to engage more prospects and customers, in less time, at a lower cost.Virtual Selling is the definitive guide to leveraging video-based technology and virtual communication channels to engage prospects, advance pipeline opportunities, and seal the deal. You'll learn a complete system for blending video, phone, text, live chat, social media, and direct messaging into your sales process to increase productivity and reduce sales cycles.Virtual Selling features a foreword by Jeffrey Gitomer.

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