Vagus Nerve - Emdr Therapy - Hygge

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Birgit Andersen

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Genet Saare Robert Plank Keith A. Bailey




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Improve Your Health Quickly, Cope With Your Past, And Fill Your Life With Comfort And Mindfulness!Do you want to boost your health and quality of life with simple and inexpensive techniques?This audiobook bundle offers you three empowering tools to regain your health, recover from traumatic experiences, and boost your spiritual wellness.The first tool is vagus nerve stimulation. The vagus nerve is responsible for regulating pretty much everything from your heartbeat to the inflammation levels in your body, and, unfortunately, it’s badly understimulated in most people.The second tool is highly effective therapy method named EMDR. It has been specifically developed to help people recover from trauma quickly and painlessly.The third tool is the Danish philosophy of hygge. Yes, hygge is more than fireplaces and blankets, it’s an entire philosophy.Here’s what the books will teach you:Vagus nerve stimulation techniques for overall healthStrategies for treating specific conditions by stimulating the vagus nerveHow to recover from traumatic experiences with EMDRWhy hygge is more than a lifestyle trendPractical tips for implementing hygge and enjoying its health benefitsDoes it make sense to apply these three tools at once?Well, why not? You’ll improve your physical health and brain biochemistry, overcome disturbing memories, and create an environment that fosters mindfulness and good health.Sounds good?Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1- Click", and Get Your Copy Now!

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Duración: 13h 44m 33s

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