Utterly Rafted

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Escrito por

Pauline Manders

Narrado por

A J Deane




8h 59m 32s

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This is the third audiobook in the Utterly Crime Series, set in rural Suffolk, England. It is the spring / early summer of 2011. Old friends and apprentice carpenters, Chrissie, Nick and Matt are thrust into the world of illegal hare coursing and drugs, while DI Clive Merry investigates. A student death is followed by a ferocious killing beyond the Stowmarket railway lines. The action is set against a backdrop of preparation for a raft race at Needham Market. The plot unfolds as seen through the eyes of Chrissie, feisty with something to prove; Nick, a talented apprentice with a tough exterior disguising his kindly intuitive and overly sensitive side; and Matt... well sometimes the less said about Matt the better.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 8h 59m 32s

Publicado por Ottobeast Publishing