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Escrito por

Jeff Sundberg

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Jack R. James




3h 32m 34s

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The book contains proven tips and techniques to understand the unlimited power of memory and the brain and train the memory for faster and more efficient retrieval of information.Some lads are born with excellent memories, able to memorize anything just by looking through it, while others may find it hard to even recall where our car keys were placed. Like I’ve said, excellent memory can be a natural talent, memory is also an ability and, like any other craft, a master's degree can be gained in it.The key to winning is like something else — have in place the right tactics and live there.The memory a powerful machine, its capacity has no limit.In other words, we can say that its function depends on individual understanding and how much we can develop and improve it, through specific practices and activities.I wrote this book because I want to share some of the ideas, I have on what we know as "memory," and to provide some memory-enhancing suggestions for people who want to live a better, longer life. While sharing some knowledge about human cognitive processes, I wanted to help readers understand how powerful memory works and why memory mistakes can occur in some individuals.The book will help you understand the brain and memory as an essential weapon in your arsenal of self-improvement.It will provide you with equipment, but note there are no batteries included. To make it work you need to give the electricity.You will receive information that will change your life for the better and help you grapple with the mystery of memory... use it!Training in memory would allow you to create knowledge with greater certainty. Certainness fosters confidence and will allow you a glimpse of your incredible ability. 

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 32m 34s

Publicado por Jeff Sundberg