Turning Point, The

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James A. Guitard

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Steve Marvel




7h 48m 53s

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You're starting a new venture but can't seem to catch any traction, or you're in business for years but never able to get ahead. Something needs to change... are you ready to create your turning point?The Turning Point offers practical ideas for the key areas of business and actionable steps that lead to success. It provides foundational knowledge required to deal with unknown and unexpected challenges. After applying the information in this book, you'll have the critical understanding necessary to take the right action at the right time for your unique circumstances!The Turning Point will help you:Understand the fundamentals required to run any businessFocus on the key areas critical for long-term successAvoid ideas that waste time, energy and moneyCapitalize on any opportunity regardless of market conditions

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 7h 48m 53s

Publicado por James A. Guitard