Toyota Way, The (Second Edition)

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Escrito por

Jeffrey Liker

Narrado por

Perry Daniels




17h 36m 22s

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Multiple Shingo Award-winning management and operations expert Jeffrey K. Liker provides a deep dive into Toyota's world-changing processes, showing how you can learn from it to develop your own improvement program that fits your conditions. Thanks in large part to this book, managers across the globe are creating workforces and systems that produce the highest-quality products and services, establish and retain customer loyalty, and drive business profitability and sustainability. Now, Liker has thoroughly updated his classic guide to include: completely revised data and updated information about Toyota's approach to competitiveness in the new world of mobility and smart technology; illustrative examples from manufacturing and service organizations that have learned and improved from the Toyota Way; a fresh approach to leadership models; the brain science and skills for learning to think scientifically; and how Toyota applies Hoshin Kanri, a planning process that aligns objectives at all levels and marries them to business strategy.Organized into thematic sections covering the various aspects of the Toyota Way—including Philosophy, Processes, People, and Problem Solving—this unparalleled guide details the fourteen key principles for building the foundation of a powerful improvement system and managing it for ultimate competitive advantage.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 17h 36m 22s

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