Third Eye Awakening

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Stacy Corwell

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Eric Burr Stacy Blund




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Did you know that you have a third eye? Are you aware of its benefits? Well, it is an eye that is related to religious visions. It is said to have the capability to observe the chakras as well as the auras and also the precognition which happens through the experiences that happen out of the bodyThis third eye is said to be located in between the two normal eyes then extended a little bit to the upper side whenever it is opened. It's strange, right? I am sure you are now wondering if you also have a third eye. The answer is yes. We all have the third eye since it is one of the seven chakras.It is worth noting that chakras are normally found in our bodies. Everyone has them all over their bodies. You will learn about seven of them which are most outstanding. However, there are also other smaller chakras which are also useful in one’s body. Each one of them is discussed in detail and also some powerful meditation which is used when one needs to observe Auras and psychic as well as awareness and some spiritual enlightenment.You will also learn about:How to Open your Third EyeBreathing Techniques to help in Third Eye ActivationTechniques to Awaken the Third Eye ChakraSteps to Increase your Clairvoyance PowerGuided Meditation Techniques to Open the Third EyeActivation of Pineal Gland through Guided MeditationHow to Balance your ChakrasGuided Meditation for Telepathy & Observing AurasWould you like to Learn More about third eye?Download the book now and learn more about and equip yourself with knowledge about third eye.

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