Tantric Sex Positions for Couples

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Do you want to master the secrets of oriental sex with Kama Sutra and Tantric Sex?Tantra, derived from ancient Sanskrit language, means “to weave energy”.Practicing Tantra is about transcending the sexual and spiritual planes. This is done by engaging in spontaneous, deeply meditative, and intimate sex.Tantric Sex will help you with unleashing your sex potential by doing tantricexercises, enlightening you more on sexual positions, and sensual massages to help your partner attain the state of ecstasy. It will also help you understand the importance ofthe body, rhythm, breathing, duration, and orgasm for a healthy sexual relationship.The book helps you with:Divine sex in HinduismDifference between tantric sex and tantric traditional sexUnderstanding what tantric philosophy isTantra exercises and massages for sexual fulfillmentMeaning of love and sex for tantra philosophyReaching ecstasy and the importance of orgasmThis book is different in its approach than many other books as it dives deep into the philosophy of tantric sex and explains the meaning of love and sex in tantra philosophy. Even if you have never known about tantric sex, this book is a complete guide for a beginner.All you have to do is to click on that BUY NOW button, and you will be able to begin your journey to becoming the best sexual being you have ever been!

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