Take Back Your Power

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Deborah Liu Sheryl Sandberg

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Deborah Liu




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Read by the author.You can't make the world fair, but you can take back your power. As a woman in Silicon Valley who worked her way to the top of the corporate ladder--she's a former VP at Facebook and the current president and CEO of Ancestry--Deborah Liu knows firsthand the challenges and obstacles in the workplace that keep the deck stacked against women in the workplace . . . and the ways to overcome them.For every woman who grew up competing on the uneven playing field, who is told she is too aggressive, assertive, dramatic, or emotional, this book is the battle cry you need to learn to thrive within the system that exists today, even if it's not the one we wish it were.Take Back Your Power presents both hard data and Liu's personal experiences from twenty years as a woman leader in the male-dominated tech industry to help you:Find your voice, learn how to ask, and achieve what you want in a system that isn't fair and wasn't created for youDebunk the negative connotations of "power" and harness it for your own successDiscover how to be heard, seen, and taken more seriously at work by getting out of your own wayOvercome the lie that success is only achieved alone by finding the four types of allies you need to reach your goalsBecome a great leader without losing yourself in the processYou have the power to change the future of work for yourself--and for women everywhere.An accompanying diagram is included in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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