Story of You, The

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Ian Morgan Cron

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Ian Morgan Cron




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“Insightful, humorous, practical, this book will not only help you understand the story you’re telling yourself but also reveal a new story that allows you to love better.”— Russell Moore, director of the Public Theology Project at Christianity TodayIn this powerful, transformational guide, the author of the bestselling book The Road Back to You breaks new ground with the Enneagram—the ancient personality typing system—by revealing how each of us inhabits a broken story that runs counter to the Larger Story of divine grace and who we were created to be.Drawing on his training as a psychotherapist and his own personal experience, Ian Cron explains how you can:rewrite the self-sabotaging stories you tell yourself about who you are,free yourself from the tyranny of unconscious childhood messages, andovercome the self-defeating patterns of behavior that prevent you from becoming your authentic self.With this powerful tool, Cron shows us how each type can shed their broken stories and harness their unique power within to become who we are truly meant to be, shedding the unhappiness we accumulate by trying to live out of the wrong story. Filled with examples from people whose lives have been transformed for the better, Cron maps out a guide for using Enneagram wisdom to reauthor your life and experience deep inner transformation, healing, and happiness.Rewrite the story of you and find the freedom in becoming your true self!

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Duración: 6h 30m 05s

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