States of Man

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Escrito por

Gareth Cadwallader

Narrado por

Barney Goodall




3h 42m 42s

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Tender, nostalgic, romantic, funny, absurd, magically real, speculative, ironic, nightmarish, entertaining and elegantly rendered…these stories span a century of Man’s consciousness.Once, a man might be a Gatsby chasing his girl half-way around the world, the captain of a football World Cup winning side, a raging Picasso bull in a mythical maze refusing to yield lover or art till his last mortality-defiant egotistic gasp. Straightforward enough choices, dreams, behaviour.Suddenly he is man interrupted, underwhelmed, overworked, ridiculed, young, rock-solid or unreliable family man, father, husband, friend; his freedom evaporates: he’s globe-trotting inbox-fatigued nonsense-hearing corporate, military civil-serving quiet ministry of Everyman. He’s so exasperated he might just run away and prop up a bar, or contemplate mild treachery just to get by, and he’s put-upon, as he zigzags across #TimesUp, political correctness, game theory, oh… and… the women in his life.Now here he stands staring down the barrel of the 21st Century – he’s superman, he’s transhuman, he’s disassembling, he’s nearly done for…or is he?

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 42m 42s

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