Spanish for Beginners

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Institute of Spanish Learning

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Beatriz Guijosa Leandro Bianco




3h 09m 53s

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Eager to learn the beautiful language Spanish?Do you wish you can learn it fast?If so, this audibook is for you!This book is the second audibook in the Learn Spanish for Beginners series. It was created with the purpose of making our customer's learning curve as steep and short as possible.This made us follow a logic that a lot of people know is great, but few understands how to implement it in their learning. I'm speaking about learning the Spanish language in the same way as children learn a new language.If you feel a bit overwhelmed by learning a new language, we got you. This book only consist of the Spanish words and phrases, you NEED to know to understand and communicate in Spanish. Every word in this book is used by every spanish speaking native several times each day.By approaching the Spanish Language the same way as Children do, you will develop quickly. If you want to speak with natives, conduct business or anything similar, this is the right approach for you.In this book, you will learn:More than 200 hundred of the most common quesitons in the spanish languageHow to respond to those questionsOver 800 Spanish phrasesRehearse with fun and engaging exercisesLearn how you should pronounce phrases with a pure latin american accent.If you are serious about learning the Spanish language, then make it easier for you and hijack your own learning curve effectively by following the same principles you used as a child.Don’t wait any longer, scroll up and purchase this book now!

Idioma: Español

Duración: 3h 09m 53s

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