Spanish Conversation Book for Beginners II

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 Spanish Conversation Book Beginner II is the second book of the new series Spanish Conversation Book for Beginners and Intermediate Students, created by CostaRica SpanishOnline Language School. In all four books, you will find a variety of current Spanish Phrases, sentence and question structure, real life situations, and key Grammatical Structures, updated to the real world of 2018. All dialogues in this book are translated literally in order not to lose the meanings of colloquial phrases and questions. Each conversation depicts real life situations for adults who travel abroad or have even decided to live in a Latin American country thus requiring speaking Spanish as we do in this time and age. CostaRica Spanish Online Language School guarantees that you will find this book, not only to bea great source of vocabulary, but also a reputable source of knowledge of the language we speak in Central and South America. You may find a printed copy of the book to go with your audio at: hope you have as good a time listening to these dialogues as I had creating them for you.Iris Acevedo A.CostaRica SpanishOnline

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Duración: 48m 24s

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