kingdom is Lost, A Song is Born, A

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Escrito por

Steve Moretti

Narrado por

Tom McLean Bethany Mason




1h 05m 36s

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The Prequel to a time-travel historical fantasy series powered by a mysterious 18th century cello that bridges the divide of time between two passionate women who live for their music and find their lives and loves forever intertwined.A kingdom is lost. A song is born.When the Union with England is accepted by the Scottish Parliament on 16 January 1707, many swear they will never accept the loss of their fiercely independent nation. The ones who seek to preserve a lost kingdom divide families and destroys the lives of many.The consequences ripple through time until a generation later Katharine is lost for words to complete her symphonic masterpiece in 1745. The Jacobite rebellion is sweeping across Scotland, pitting her two brothers against each other.Meanwhile in 2003, Adeena a rebellious teenage cellist and composer living in Canada is tortured by haunted dreams of her visiting grandmother from Scotland. The dreams connect Adeena to Katharine’s untitled uncompleted song from the 18th century.In the Prequel to the highly acclaimed ‘Song for a Lost Kingdom’ series, the origins of the story and the characters unfold in dramatic fashion.Get swept away by this time slip adventure powered by music.Voice actors Tom McLean and Bethany Mason combine their talents to lift the story off the page and into your heart. Original music by Paul van Geldrop.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 1h 05m 36s

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