Sleep Meditation: 13 Guided Meditations for Sleep, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Self-Healing, and Mindfulness

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Are you having trouble with falling asleep and having a restful sleep? Get yourself TRUE rest with proven sleep meditation techniques!Around 60 million adults in the united states suffer from sleeping disorders.The most productive sector of the population isn’t getting the rest it deserves and, therefore, is draining out. And if you add the stress from daily life, you end up with a mortal formula that is threatening the health of millions of people. Stress and insomnia can activate cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, harm your immune system, let alone diminish your performance in your everyday life.You can't stay still and do nothing to help your body and mind to finally get some rest. With this outstanding audiobook, you will reencounter the peace and tranquility that you lost and enjoy the guidance of a certified and experienced yoga instructor.This audiobook offers:Multiple meditation methods to help you fall and stay asleep.A soothing, calming voice, that will relax your nervous system.Special breath-work techniques.Mindfulness and visualization.Soothing background tones that will pamper your ears and mind.Don’t give up on your body - give yourself a chance with the meditations inside this audiobook. Not only you will finally get some good sleep and energizing rest, but you will also diminish stress and anxiety, get more relaxed during the day, and improve your mood.Meditation for sleep is a proven way to improve the quality of your sleep, increase productivity during the day, improve your focus, and even make you a happier person.No need for useless sleeping pills. No need to google insomnia solutions that never work. No need to force yourself to watch boring movies in the middle of the night. With this audiobook, you will sleep like a baby.

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