Sex for Dummies

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Ruth K. Westheimer Pierre A. Lehu

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Ruth K. Westheimer Dr. Donna Postel




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Everything you need to know about sex in the 21st centuryS-e-x isn't a bad three-letter word — but many of us are afraid to talk about it. In this new edition of the fun and comprehensive guide to sex, you'll find out how to approach intimacy in a new way to get the most pleasure from a physical relationship. Written by the world's favorite expert on the topic, Dr. Ruth helps you explore the ins and outs of dating and commitment, talk about sex with partners, and consider any health and social issues you may encounter along the way.As well as giving you all you need to know about how to make your sex life happy, safe, and rewarding, this edition of Sex for Dummies has been updated to include discussions of recent changes and issues surrounding sexual topics — such as transgender rights and the #metoo movement — to provide a modern, 360-degree view of how our diverse sexualities impact and enrich the world around us.Whether experienced or not, get the low down on how sex worksFind out how to spice up your sex lifeTake precautions to stay healthyDiscover 10 common sexual myths-and why they're wrong

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