Seven Lessons for Leading in Crisis

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The unprecedented crisis that virtually every American institution is facing these days calls for strong leadership. But what exactly is a leader to do? Recognized leader Bill George tells them specifically in this short, to the point, straight talking audio book. His Seven Lessons for Leading in Crisis are field tested and true, based on his own direct experience as well as years of researching the actions of companies who have weathered storms and are weathering this one. They are: Face Reality, Starting with Yourself No Matter How Bad Things Are, They Will Get Worse Build a Mountain of Cash, and Get to the Highest Hill Never Waste a Good Crisis Before Asking Others to Sacrifice, Volunteer Yourself Don't be Atlas: Get the World off Your Shoulders! Be Aggressive: This is Your Best Chance to Win in the Market There are few leaders today that have the credibility to be giving such advice; George is one of them. Former CEO of Medtronic, current board member of Goldman Sachs, Exxon Mobil and Novartis, and professor of leadership at Harvard, he has been tested in the trenches and has his finger on the pulse of what is going on today.

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