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Ruth Carter

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Garrett Goodison




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Did you ever dream of having the courage to take up any challenge but worry about your lack of trust? Have you ever had a negative opinion regarding yourself? Would you think that self-doubt, disappointment and fear of failure prevents you from making your dreams come true? Not attain your goals because of a lack of self-esteem? Are you aware of the need to change, and take control of your feelings and your life? Imagine developing more self-esteem and becoming successful, as a better self-esteem will allow you to achieve your goals and goals. The book of the 15-Day Self-Esteem Challenge is a fascinating and motivational book that teaches and encourages you to navigate your inner world and the world in which you live."The 15-Day Self-Esteem Challenge book actively engages you in a gentle self-exploration of how internal as well as external factors impact your self-esteem and well-being. The book is set up with a rational flow that provides 15 killer details that engages you in a reflective self-analysis, and offers reflection of your individual strengths and positive attributes. In addition, the book of 15-Day Self-Esteem Challenge assists you in modifying habits and patterns of thinking that are harmful to your health. You will learn on the pages of this book:• Everything you need to know about self-esteem and low self-esteem• Building blocks of self-esteem• Killer actions to build your self-esteem• How to take control of your life and destiny• How to become the best version of yourself• How to achieve your goals• How to improve your opinion about yourself• Activities that will help you feel about yourself• How to Keep Your Insecurities and Doubts at Bay• How to Deal with Situations and Challenges and Bring Them into ContextThis is the time to take action, starting a new path in life that will allow you to be happier and healthier 

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Duración: 1h 24m 24s

Publicado por Ruth Carter

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