Secret Sexual Desires Of 100 Million People: Seduction Recipes For Men And Women

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Kate Bazilevsky

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Kevin Iggens




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Whether you are a man or a woman, gorgeous or ugly, rich or poor, young or not so young - you can use the practical information provided in this book! It reveals proven recipes of seduction. Once you apply them and indulge in immediate results, you will become happier and healthier automatically. Why? Because you will get what you want and naturally need - sex. And, a healthy sex life is one of the requirements for healthy functioning of human psychophysiology.Allow yourself to try the information provided and make your sex life as intended by Nature. No one is there to forbid you! Feedback about your experience and results is always interesting and welcomed!Here is something your mother never told you: the principle "love me the way I am, and if not then you are a fool" does not work! Discover the sexual factor & hidden desires of 100 million people: * usable seduction recipes * behavior, preferences, desires, sexual orientation, fantasies, dislikes, etc. * frequency of sexual activity, attitude towards monogamy and polygamy, etc. Tired of fantasizing and ready to have some real fun? STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY ON DATING SITES AND OUTDATED ADVISE! Discover the most reliable seduction recipes to go from zero partners to as many as you want. Women consider men to be idiots, and in return men consider them stupid. This is not natural. Become more educated and powerful simply by reading this book & improve your personal life by applying the recipes! Discover the most powerful, proven techniques to attract opposite sex from the SECRET SEXUAL DESIRES OF 100 MILLION PEOPLE: Seduction Recipes For Men And Women book today!The book is based on proven scientific research in the field of Non-Traditional Psychoanalysis. Do not pass by your chance to match people who already have recipes on how to seduce you!

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Duración: 3h 31m 50s

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