Sacred Geometry of Our Cells, The

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Escrito por

Sondra Barrett, Ph.D.

Narrado por

Justine Willis Toms




57m 20s

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Cells can only thrive in community; they need to connect with one another, and will call on each other as allies. And, when a cell needs a certain molecule, it actually embraces that molecule; it actually reaches out and hugs the molecule. This embrace is a universal principle of design.Sondra Barrett speaks of the sacredness of our cells related to how humans evolved. “The divine spark needs a container. I began thinking, God had to be a biochemist, because how do you build the container? In one of the theories we were mud or we were hot seawater. To form the container the molecules had to come together (these fatty hydrocarbons) like mixing salad oil with water. You get droplets that contain some salt water. So way back when, in the molecular evolution of our cells, there had to be the container that creates a sanctuary. Since it is my inclination to translate [what I see] into sacred correspondences, I’m talking about life needing a place and that place is a sanctuary. [That, then begs the question] where do we create sanctuary in our own life?”This dialogue is a blending of the scientific study of cells with the mystical mystery they contain. We learn how they can be our teachers. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)

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Duración: 57m 20s

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