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Escrito por

Beneva Clark Allison LaFleur

Narrado por

Nikola Muckajev Smokey Green




6h 10m 13s

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I didn’t know Josh. We’d barely spoken since I’d opened my eyes. He didn’t know me either. I didn’t even know me. Still, the faint sound of his breathing in the next room reminded me I wasn’t alone, that my protector was nearby. I guess when you desperately need a hero, you’ll attach that title to anyone who’ll wear it. He hadn’t turned me away or betrayed me when I begged him not to call the sheriff even though I couldn’t give him a reason why. In my desperate state, that made him my champion. Even so, I was panicked and fighting to remain still while every part of me wanted to run.It’s okay. You’re okay. He’s right in the next room. He’ll hear you if you scream. He won’t let anyone hurt you.I repeated those words in my head over and over, but while they kept me from bolting out the door, they did nothing to bring me peace. The night seemed endless. If not for the sound of his breathing and the tick-tick-tick of the clock, I would have thought time itself stood still...Beneath the postcard appearance of this deceptively dreamy town, hearts are ablaze. With promises to keep, honor to defend, lives to save, and secrets to keep, Whisper Cove is anything but asleep.When evil comes to Whisper Cove, will their passion prove fatal?Allison LaFleur and Beneva Clark bring you explosive sex, small town intrigue, and romantic suspense in RUN, Whisper Cove Book 1. Check it out today!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 6h 10m 13s

Publicado por Summer Storm Publishing, LLC

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