Risk Management

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Escrito por

Carl L. Pritchard PMP PMI-RMP EVP

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Adam Lofbomm




9h 51m 33s

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Emphasizing greater clarity on risk practice, this new edition of Risk Management: Concepts and Guidance maintains a focus on the ability to apply "planned clairvoyance" to peer into the future. The audiobook begins by analyzing the various systems that can be used to apply risk management. It provides a fundamental introduction to the basics associated with particular techniques, clarifying the essential concepts of risk and how they apply in projects. The second part of the audiobook presents the specific techniques necessary to successfully implement the systems described in Part I.The text addresses project risk management from the project manager's perspective. It adopts PMI's perspective that risk is both a threat and an opportunity, and it acknowledges that any effective risk management practice must look at the potential positive events that may befall a project, as well as the negatives.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 9h 51m 33s

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