Quantum Marketing

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Raja Rajamannar

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Josh Childs




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Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing Officer of Mastercard, shares breakthrough, frontier strategies to navigate the challenges that result from today’s unprecedented disruption.As technology has continually evolved in the last several decades, marketing has had to change with it, evolving through four significant stages that build on the strategies and tools of the previous era. What happens next in the fifth stage, or Fifth Paradigm, will not be an evolution, but a revolution.Almost everything about how marketing is done today, including the very notion of a brand itself, will require a complete re-imagination.As Chief Marketing Officer of Mastercard, one of the world’s most recognizable and decorated brands, Raja Rajamannar shares the forward-thinking ways all businesses must rethink their entire marketing landscape to remain relevant and be successful.In Quantum Marketing, readers will:Understand the evolution of marketing and how to be at the forefront of future change.Get clarity on the right marketing strategies and tactics to pursue amidst an ever-evolving industry.Achieve breakthroughs in innovative thinking to compete in modern business. Gain perspective from top marketers across industries.Quantum Marketing is for all business people who seek to understand how rapidly marketing is evolving, what marketers are doing to get ready for this shift, and what the new world will look like for companies, consumers, and society as the race to develop revolutionary marketing strategies reaches a whole new level.

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Duración: 6h 12m 34s

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