Project Management

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Ricky Toyoda

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Ethan Parker




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Do you want to learn how to manage and innovate projects with your team, save time, and achieve your goals?Like it or not, good project management doesn’t just happen - just like excellent athletes and their coaches don’t just happen. Good project management is a cumulus of factors that influence the outcome of a project. On the one hand, you need a team dedicated to working within deadlines and within the quality and functionality specifications of the client. This Audiobook covers the following topics:·     Lean Thinking. It helps you have real-time experience with the customers, and you can build the product in line with their taste and expectations. You cannot always be in the same position. "No Growth" is terrible for business. Big enterprises, including startup businesses, are sure to have ups and downs at one point in time. There will be discouragement, break in production, and other hazards surround the business world.·     Agile. It is about a lot more than just hanging out in circles every day and playing little games when it comes to splitting larger tasks into smaller ones. In simple terms, a project is a series of activities meant to achieve a specific goal. The goal might be something pretty large, like a brand new, innovative software application. Or it might be something internal, like boosting the engagement among the employees.·     Scrum. It is possibly the very first thing that people think about when someone mentions Agile. It's no coincidence, and this is the most frequently used framework that teams use. It provides the highest possible value for products, allows developers to quickly and decisively adapt to changes, and keeps them productive. It's the values, the team, the work put in, and the communication necessary for the project.

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