Power of Pragmatic Passion, The

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“Joe’s passion for everything he does is infectious. He inspires action, and this book puts it all together.” - Kim Pegula, Owner and President, Buffalo Bills and Sabres Why Pragmatic Passion? Passion Is Not Enough! Dreams often remain fantasy because we are taught to “Do what we love” and success follows. That’s just not true. It takes time, a pragmatic plan, and intentional effort to create and cultivate your passions and purpose, regardless of your stage of life. Inside this book, you’ll discover and learn how to apply: • What Pragmatic Passion is and why it’s needed in today’s distracted and disengaged world. • 7 Common-Sense Principles to lead you on a practical path to achieve personal and professional success • How to use Pragmatic Passion to live a vibrant life, have a meaningful career, be passionate every day, contribute to the greater good, and live comfortably with peace of mind If you are looking to create a new purpose for your life, a student (and their parent) contemplating what’s next, a graduate who desires a rewarding job, frustrated with your current situation, or a retiree looking for your next life challenge - Pragmatic Passion is for you! “I am grateful to have experienced the Power of Pragmatic Passion from one of the best coaches in the business while attending the National Athletic and Professional Success Academy (NAPSA). Joe went above and beyond to help me step up my game!" - Dominic Austin, Former NFL Player, Businessman, and Founder of Tackles4Cancer 

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