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Jonathan Phoenix Shevron Hirsch

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Alex Lancer Doug Greene




5h 17m 29s

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This is a 6-book bundle, consisting of these books:Book 1: There are several topics included in this book that relate to influencing others. Some of these can help you master your own emotions and qualities. Others can improve your leadership skills or help you communicate with people more effectively. Book 2: Why do people follow some leaders and not others? Why do your friends have so much influence on you? This book will discuss those topics and expand on these ideas, as well as others.Book 3: Aside from pointing out the many benefits of people who have a good influence on you, this guide goes over some intriguing thoughts that relate to the concept of influence.Book 4: Persuasion can be used for good and evil. Some people know exactly what moves others to act a certain way, and they know how to guide them in certain directions. But the knowledge of how to do this, does not have to be limited to a select few. It simply requires someone like you to take initiative and to read or listen to a book like this.Book 5: When you are trying to convince someone else to do something, it’s often important that you know how to use persuasion techniques. This could be different in all kinds of situations. For example, if you want to persuade your partner to perform a romantic or kind act, it will different than negotiating the price of a contract.Book 6: How can you become a master of persuasion? How do you get your way? These three questions are at the heart of this brief book, that will reveal many secrets of the persuasion realm many have entered.

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Duración: 5h 17m 29s

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