Personal Finances

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This book provides you an initial introduction to your personal financial management. Though the financial management, whether in personal or business area, may seem something complex that puts fear at first, the truth is that it can be, yes, understood by any person who, at least, be willing to learn more about proper use of the money. Unlike what many people think of, the financial management is so close to us that we use every day, and we do not realize its real matter in our lives.Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of considering inconsequential their financial lives. The mere fact that they choose not to follow their finances is already a decisive factor for future lapses in this area. Manage personal or family budget, planning the financial life and seek the long awaited financial independence requires a change in posture, a change of attitude, a change of life. And change perspective requires taking actions and decisions that weren't not used to doing before. It means get out of our comfort zone.

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Duración: 37m 44s

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