Personal Branding Crash Course

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A brand is a name, symbol, design, term and virtually any other characteristic that can be used for identifying a product and distinguishing it from other products. Personal branding can, therefore, be seen as the characteristics of an individual that can be used in distinguishing him from another individual. A brand refers to anything, whatsoever, that associates with any particular product; this can be the symbolism of that brand or the experiences that the end users derived from using or interacting with that product. From the above definition, it can then be deduced that branding refers to the look, utility, and feel of a product, service or a person; not disregarding the importance of collateral, advertising and packaging of that product. Taking it further, the characteristic of a brand can equally be affected by the attitudes of the promoters and the sales representatives; they can also form public opinion about that product, which can determine the progress and acceptability of the said product.

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