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Managers dont get paid for what they do but rather for the performance of their people; therefore, a managers most important job is influencing and coaching behaviors in order to improve performance. In People Follow You managers will learn the five easy to understand and implement levers that are critical to influencing the behavior and performance of the people they lead. Built on the premise that when all else is stripped away and people dont work for companies, paychecks, perks, or slogans, people work for YOU. People follow people that they like, trust and believe in, so that when all else is stripped away, management is simply one person willingly following another person Written for the middle manager (while still relevant to higher levels), this book will provide a foundation for managing people. Providing practical lessons to help managers employ winning interpersonal skills to move others to take action, readers will: Learn how to leverage the basics of interpersonal relationships to inspire others to take action. Gain a simple and actionable formula for connecting with employees and indirect reports and gain their buy-in through the use of personal power vs. the power of authority. Understand how to build stronger relationships with direct and indirect reports that lead to higher productivity, loyalty, and the long-term development of people. Learn fundamental on-the-job coaching skills that deliver instant performance improvement.

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