People Buy You

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Escrito por

Jeb Blount

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Mel Foster




4h 59m 13s

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Far too many of todays books on sales and selling deal with the mechanics of selling and pay little or no attention to the emotional-side of selling; however, when all things are equal (and in todays competitive world they almost always are) people buy you--the salesperson. Designed to connect sellers to buyers, People Buy You makes it easier to uncover the needs of the buyer by teaching the five most important steps for making an emotional connection and getting people to buy you. Centered on the foundational fact that when all else is stripped away, selling is simply one person solving another persons problem, and when salespeople solve problems, they close deals. No matter the product, service, or industry buying and selling is a personal, emotional experience and the salespeople who win most often are the ones who tap into those emotions to uncover and solve real problems. Offering a simple, actionable formula for creating instant connections with prospects and customers, People Buy You will enable readers to sell at a whole new level. A level that facilitates stronger, long-term relationships with customers and prospects that increase sales, improve retention, and increase profits.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 4h 59m 13s

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