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Christophe Morin Patrick Renvoise

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Alan Taylor




5h 12m 03s

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The latest brain research is changing the way we think about sales. How can this help you increase your business?With people being inundated with thousands of daily sales messages, selling is now tougher than ever. That's why you need to learn what neuroscience has uncovered that will immediately increase your selling and influencing effectiveness.Unveiling the latest brain research and revolutionary marketing practices, authors Patrick Renvoisé and Christophe Morin teach highly effective techniques to help you deliver powerful, unique, and memorable presentations that will have a major, lasting impact on potential buyers.In Neuromarketing, Renvoisé and Morin will help you learn:The six stimuli that always trigger a responseThe four steps to align content and delivery of your messageThe six message building blocks to address the "old brain"The seven powerful impact boosters to set your delivery apart from the restOnce you know how the decision-making part of the brain works, you'll quickly begin to deliver more convincing sales presentations, close more deals, create more effective marketing strategies, and radically improve your ability to influence others.Accompanying figures and charts are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 5h 12m 03s

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