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Negotiation is an essential element of almost all of our interactions - personally and professionally. It’s part of how we establish relationships, work together, and arrive at solutions for our clients, our organizations, and ourselves. Simply put, those who don’t negotiate well risk falling victim to those who do. Throughout his career, success expert Brian Tracy has negotiated millions of dollars worth of contracts. Now, with this concise guide, you too can become a master negotiator and learn how to: Utilize the six key negotiating styles Harness the power of emotion in hammering out agreements Use time to your advantage Prepare like a pro and enter any negotiation from a position of strength Gain clarity on areas of agreement and disagreement Develop win-win outcomes Use the power of reciprocity Know when and how to walk away Apply the Law of Four Plus much more… Smart negotiation can save you time and money, make you more effective, and contribute substantially to your career. Jam-packed with Brian Tracy’s trademark wisdom, this practical and portable audio-book puts the power of negotiation right in your hands. ©2013 Brian Tracy (P)2013 Gildan Media LLC

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