Navy Seals

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William Doyle Dick Couch

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Will Damron




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“Captures the essence of Naval Special Warfare from our storied beginnings to the current fight.” —Admiral WILLIAM H. McRAVENWritten with the unprecedented cooperation of the Naval Special Warfare community, this vivid and definitive history of the U.S. Navy SEALs reveals the inside story behind the greatest combat operations of America's most celebrated warriors. Illustrated with forty pages of photographs and based on exclusive interviews with more than 100 U.S. frogmen (including multiple Medal of Honor recipients), here is ""the first comprehensive history of the special operations force"" ( York Times bestselling authors Dick Couch—a former SEAL—and William Doyle chart the SEALs' story, from their origins in the daring Naval Combat Demolition Teams, Underwater Demolition Teams, Scouts and Raiders commando units, and OSS Operational Swimmers of World War II to their coming of age in Vietnam and rise to glory in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11. 

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Duración: 9h 31m 09s

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