Naming Book, The

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Escrito por

Brad Flowers

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Al Kessel




4h 54m 00s

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NAME YOUR BUSINESS. TELL YOUR STORY.Advertising and marketing masters from Ogilvy to Godin have proven the value of words when it comes to building a brand, attracting an audience, and making a sale. In our increasingly crowded and noisy world, a name is the foundation of every product, brand, or business—and it needs to stand out.In The Naming Book, Bullhorn Creative founder and partner Brad Flowers presents a clear framework for crafting and choosing the name that sticks. With a five-step blueprint that takes you from brainstorming to trademarking, this book is the ultimate guidebook to naming anything. You'll learn how to: set clear goals for your name and brand before you start, craft a brainstorming list based on your business mission, build a brand unique to you by creating your own word, find the balance between "cool" and clear, and narrow down your list of names with five easy tests.

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Duración: 4h 54m 00s

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