Moms Mean Business

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Lara Galloway Erin Baebler

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Karen Saltus




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There are 9 million women-owned businesses in the United States; they account for $1.3 trillion in revenue. American women are starting businesses at a rate twice that of men. Most of these women are also moms. What does it take to be successful as both a mom and as an entrepreneur? Moms Mean Business gives existing and potential mom business owners the encouragement, advice, and healthy dose of "how-to" they need. In this helpful guide, you will create a customized strategy that includes:A personal definition of success in both life and business--and the way to achieve itThe tools needed to manage time and productivity when your priorities as a mom and business owner conflictA mom-friendly business plan to get you focusedAn approach to self-care that allows you to handle all that's thrown your wayTips, checklists, and guidance to quickly solve the problems mom entrepreneurs encounter Behind-the-scenes stories and advice from well-known mom entrepreneurs make Moms Mean Business fun to listen to and full of that all-important "me, too!" factor. It is inspiring, motivating, and, above all, practical.

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Duración: 5h 21m 42s

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