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Dr. Edward De Bono

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Dr. Edward De Bono




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Analyze. Assess. Explore. Create... If the Decisions You Make Are Important, This is the Most Important Self-Improvement Program You Will Ever Take. What is thinking? How do you approach difficult, make plans, arrive at decisions? In this one-of-a-kind audio workshop, Dr. Edward de Bono, an acclaimed consultant and author, demonstrates that good thinking is not a matter of being smarter - but a matter of skill and practice. By going inside the human thinking process, Dr. de Bono shows how we can make our thinking methods work better, faster and more creatively. Retrain Your Mind - To Turn Problems Into Solutions, and Goals Into Achievements Whether you are already in a decision-making position, planning to start a business, or trying to get ahead in your field, Dr. de Bono's Masterthinker course gives you the techniques to approach any problem, goal or opportunity with the power to create success.

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Duración: 59m 30s

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