Master Mentors Volume 2

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Scott Jeffrey Miller

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Scott Miller




6h 40m 55s

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Read by the author.Mining the best and brightest revelations from FranklinCovey’s global podcast, On Leadership with Scott Miller, Scott personally introduces you to 30 Master Mentors, featuring the single most transformative insight from each of them.Depending on where you are in your journey, Master Mentors will:Challenge your current mindset and beliefs, leading to what could be the most important career and thought-process shifts of your life.Restore you to the mindset and beliefs you find effective but aren’t currently living in alignment with.Validate that you are on the right path with your current mindset and beliefs and empower you on your way forward.Whether you are challenged, affirmed, informed, or inspired—this all-new volume of Master Mentors guarantees you will experience a transformative shift in your personal mindset, life skill set, and career toolset.QR codes leading to referenced media are included in the audiobook companion PDF download.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 6h 40m 55s

Publicado por HarperCollins Leadership

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