Married Lies

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Sean Thomsen

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Christopher Carley




3h 43m 14s

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The shocking true story of the lies and manipulation used by one of Australia’s biggest TVproduction companies. The full inside story of the bullying tactics, clever editing, and storyboarding used to create aTV phenomenon.In 2018, Sean Thomsen became one of the most recognised members of the TV showMarried at First Sight because he wore the infamous gold jacket to the reunion. But, like thewell-favoured stars on the hit show, Sean’s inside look at the world of reality TV revealedthat all was not as it seemed. Despite the promotion of ‘helping Australian singles find theirpotential lifelong partner using the science of matchmaking’, the show has quickly devolvedinto an oppressive ordeal – with strict rules, manipulative producers, and battles withambitious egomaniacs – and nearly drove Sean to take his own life in the aftermath. Married Lies is Sean’s introspective account of his time inside the experiment; the lies,harassment, and relentless social media abuse. Get the real, behind-the-scenes tale on theproducers’ whatever-it-takes attitude and ruthless focus on profits, ratings, and notoriety –truth be damned. But Married Lies is also a chronicle of transformation and personal power. By telling hisstory, both a cautionary tale and a celebration of personal empowerment, With his extensiveknowledge of self-development and unique style, Sean will help you with making the firststep to change. Married Lies will show you how to: – Overcome adversity and redirect your mind– Gain certainty and core confidence to change your career, relationship, or lifestyle– Decide what you want and establish your true course in life In Married Lies you will discover that no matter what life throws at you, your destiny is inyour own hands.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 43m 14s

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