Lightmaker's Manifesto, The

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Karen Walrond

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Karen Walrond




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Many of us have strong convictions. We want to advocate for causes we care about—but which ones? We want to work for change—but will the emotional toll lead to burn out?Leadership coach, lawyer, photographer, and activist Karen Walrond knows that when you care deeply about the world, light can seem hard to find. But when your activism grows out of your joy—and vice versa—you begin to see light everywhere.In The Lightmaker's Manifesto, Walrond helps us name the skills, values, and actions that bring us joy; identify the causes that spark our empathy and concern; and then put it all together to change the world. Creative and practical exercises, including journaling, daily intention-setting, and mindful self-compassion, are complemented by lively conversations with activists and thought leaders such as Valarie Kaur, Brené Brown, Tarana Burke, and Zuri Adele. With stories from around the world and wisdom from those leading movements for change, Walrond beckons listeners toward lives of integrity, advocacy, conviction, and joy.By unearthing our passions and gifts, we learn how to joyfully advocate for justice, peace, and liberation. We learn how to become makers of light.

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Duración: 6h 31m 55s

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