Lead Beyond 2030: The Nine Skills You Need To Intensify Your Leadership Impact

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Intensify your impact and performance, with practical, real-world insights, strategies and techniques designed for ambitious people. If you're looking to become a ground-breaking leader with a personal stamp that cuts across industries and decades, Lead Beyond 2030 is the book for you. Caroline Kennedy, an accomplished, international award-winning CEO, shares her personal experience, stories, wisdom, intelligence and pragmatic advice. But most importantly, a roadmap for leading self, leading others, and leading business to help you rise about the pack, to stand out and rapidly excel your rate of success. Inside you'll learn: ·How to get an edge to advance your career·What skills you need to lead successfully over the next decade and beyond·How to increase your influence, your impact, your executive presence, and your ability to deliver results Many leaders and organisations have an endless supply of technical knowledge and years of experience. Still, they continue to struggle because they lack emotional intelligence, which is the foundation of self-leadership. When you excel at self-leadership, you excel at leading others, placing you ahead of the game. You become a game-changing world-class leader who is paving the way.A new era of leadership is on the horizon, and it requires go-getters like you, to raise the bar high.

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