La Vida Es Una Serie De Presentaciones En Vivo

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Tony Jeary

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Tony Jeary




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Life really is a series of presentations. The better those presentations are, the better your life will be. With the help of his co-authors, Tony will teach you that, while the differences between a good and bad presentation may seem intangible, many of them can in fact be quantified. For example, all people – whether presenting to a conference or to their spouse – must approach their task in a state of preparedness, must know their audience, must make others want to listen to them, and must then be responsive to their audience. These goals sound so simple. Why don’t more folks achieve them? Well, it turns out that most people don’t know the Eight Essential Practices of Successful Presenters that you’ll learn in this work:I: Involve your audienceP: Prepare your audienceR: Research your presentation arsenalE: Explain “Why” before planning “How”S: State management: achieve proper mental statesE: Eliminate unknowns and turn them into knownsN: kNow your audienceT: Tailor the presentation throughoutThe content of this audio will dramatically improve your ability to effectively communicate your ideas to individuals or to groups of any size in both your business and personal life. Grow confidence, gain more credibility, enhance respect, advance your career, grow your leadership abilities, execute more effectively, and drive results faster with clearer cascaded messages that inspire people to take action.

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Duración: 1h 12m 50s

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