Intuitive Eating

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Intuitive eating is a module that helps people recover from adverse side-effects of prolonged dieting or other dietary problems.During chronic dieting, people often develop a specific dieting mindset, which increases their rigidity about good food and bad food and causes lack of self-trust around food. Long-term food restrictions can also lead to increased binging (overeating). Moreover, people may undergo food apathy and social withdrawal. Intuitive eating is developed to help people recover from all these diet backlashes.Intuitive eating gives a person freedom to eat food unconditionally, with curiosity and without being judgmental. It is centered on the theory that people need to make peace with food and all foods are equally safe in terms of providing nutritional benefits. However, one should always keep in mind that intuitive eating does not allow eating with uncontrolled abandon.Studies have found that intuitive eating has positive nutritional outcomes in comparison to restrictive dieting plans. Since intuitive eating does not come with specific diet plans, intuitive eaters consume a wide variety of foods, indicating that they are more likely to get the benefits of well-balanced nutrition.

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