Introvert Power

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Laurie Helgoe PhD

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Susan Boyce




10h 31m 03s

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It's no wonder that introversion is making headlines—half of all Americans are introverts. But if that describes you, are you making the most of your inner strength?In this book, psychologist and introvert Laurie Helgoe, PhD, unveils the genius of introversion. Introverts gain energy and power through reflection and solitude. Our culture, however, is geared toward the extrovert. The pressure to get out there and get happier can lead people to think that an inward orientation is a problem instead of an opportunity.Helgoe shows that the exact opposite is true: introverts can capitalize on this inner source of power. Introvert Power is a blueprint for how introverts can take full advantage of this hidden strength in daily life.

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Duración: 10h 31m 03s

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