#Instalovers Digital dating, DM disasters and love stories

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Grip onto your love seat and get ready for the heart racing ride of your life.You’ll claim self love, and #knowyourworth as you read about this new way of how we court and connect!Andi’s 7th book takes her back to where she started as a TV presenter and entertaining storyteller by playing the role of Cupid. This time she researched the wonderful world of dating and how we are now finding love on Apps.Want to understand the world of the social media dating culture, and how to swipe right for more than one night? This hilarious book is full of real life stories as Andi goes undercover to help you understand how to safely turn texts into dates with a healthy ‘dose of flirt’!#instalovers is a useful guide for singles or loved up folk. It took four years to find ways to ‘weed out the weirdos’ and ‘clock it’ in the game of love, by going on ‘liking sprees’ and ‘sliding into DM boxes’, all in the name of research!Flirting is healthy and you’ll learn how others do it, gasp one minute, then laugh the next!Her romantic recipes will help increase your libido and win over your match with love fueling food.“Andi gives such a fresh and honest view on social media dating.”Helen Reizer (HRPR)

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