Inside Scoop on Eating Disorder Recovery, The

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Escrito por

Jennifer Rollin LCSW-C Colleen Reichmann PSYD

Narrado por

Anna Caputo




6h 45m 36s

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The Inside Scoop on Eating Disorder Recovery is a fresh, smart, how-to book that helps people with eating disorders to heal their relationship with food, their bodies, and ultimately themselves.Written from the perspective of two eating disorder therapists, both of whom are recovered from their own eating disorders, this book uses humor, personal narratives, and research-proven techniques to offer specific actionable guidelines on how to reclaim one's life from an eating disorder. The authors explain the difference between dieting and eating disorders, break down the stages of recovery, and provide tips on how to thrive in each stage. The book provides powerful myth-busting on topics that have historically not been addressed in eating disorder recovery books, such as clean eating and orthorexia, exercising in recovery, and fat positivity. Tangible exercises at the end of each chapter provide listeners with advice and tips on implementing this approach to recovery in their day-to-day lives.The humorous and down-to-earth tone of the book creates an authentic and genuine feel that leaves those who struggle with chronic dieting, eating disorders, and negative body image feeling connected and heard.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 6h 45m 36s

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