Innovator's Dilemma, The

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Clayton Christensen

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Deaver Brown




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The Innovator's DilemmaThis audio book was created based on Clayton Christensen's landmark book, The Innovator's Dilemma. This was Mr. Christensen's synopsis of his book for the Harvard Business Review. The audio tracks listed here cover the key elements of Mr. Christensen's book. This audio book emphasizes the Idea in Brief does my organization have the right resources, processes, values, and team to innovate? Then it covers the right structure for your specific type of innovation. He identifies where capabilities reside, in resources, processes, and values. He then addresses the migration of capabilities, illustrates it with the example of Digital Equipment (DEC), defines sustaining versus disruptive innovation, how to create capabilities to cope with change--internally, in a spinout, or an acquisition, and how to fit the tool to the task.Keywords: innovate, innovation, Harvard, MBA, resources, processes, values, team, structure, capabilities, Digital Equipment, DEC, sustaining, disruptive, change, spinout, acquisition, tool, tool kit, Christensen.

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