How To Sell Your Way Through Life

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Escrito por

Napoleon Hill

Narrado por

A. C. Fellner




10h 54m 25s

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Napoleon Hill wrote that the book's purpose is to convey practical information that is known to be sound because it was obtained from the life experiences of hundreds of successful sales people who began at scratch and made for themselves enviable positions in the world. For this reason, he wrote the book should be a handbook of every person who has just finished school and is ready to sell himself through life successfully. Advice includes: Auto-Suggestion, Your First Step in Salesmanship "Qualifying" Your Prospective Buyer Neutralizing Your Buyer's Mind The Habit of Doing More Than You Are Paid For How to Budget Your Time Your Master Plan for Getting a Position

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 10h 54m 25s

Publicado por Gildan Audio

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